As a student, it can be difficult to find ways to buy the things you want. After all, most of the money you receive is from friends and families for big events like holidays and birthdays. But there are some great ways to earn extra money between those big days. By finding new ways to make money, you can practice spending, saving, and sharing year-round!

Extra chores

Doing chores may not be your favorite activity, but they are a great way to earn extra money if your parents will pay you. While you might already make your bed and clean your room, there are some fun, extra chores you can do. Plus, chores are a great way to help your parents.

  • Help make dinner
  • Take care of the pets
  • Help tend the garden

Help a neighbor

Your parents aren’t the only ones who could use some help. Many neighbors or friends need help too! A great way to earn extra money is sharing your goals with neighbors you and your parents trust and offering to help them complete some tasks for a small fee.

  • Walk their dog
  • Shovel/sweep driveways and sidewalks
  • House/pet sit

Start a business

There are lots of ways to earn money that don’t feel like work at all. Creating your own business and inventing your own job is great for those who like being creative and have a little extra time. Be sure to check with your parents before starting up your own business.

  • Farmers market/ Lemonade stand
  • Sell handmade jewelry
  • Be a tutor or coach

You have plenty of options

These are just some ideas for making more money as a kid; there are many more ways to earn some cash. Be creative! And always feel free to ask your parents if they have any ideas.

Hi parents!

We did not mention an allowance in this article, because not everyone has the means to provide an allowance and not every allowance requires chores to be completed. Since allowances are handled differently by each family, we felt it best to come up with jobs a kid could do regardless if they receive an allowance.
A regular allowance can be a great way, however, to teach your children about money and to show them how to spend, save, and share. If you’re wondering if your kids should have a job or an allowance, don’t be afraid to do both if that works for your family. A small allowance – with room to grow by completing extra jobs – is great way to increase responsibility as a child gets older.
As always, what works for your child is best determined by you. If you have any great tips or tricks you’d like to share, please comment below