Few people mind receiving a little extra money. But taking the time and effort to earn it can be challenging, especially as a teen. Between school, sports, clubs, and time with friends, it’s often difficult to find the right fit. But the need for cash can persuade anyone to look for ways to earn some more money. We hope this post will help you find the best fit.

What are my options?

Despite dire news about the economy and unemployment, it is possible to get a job in high school. It’s important to consider a few things while applying, however. After all, you want a job that’s a good fit, not a huge obligation. So consider things like time commitments, flexibility, and skills you might want to practice or learn.

“I’m just really busy.”

If you have a busy schedule that’s always changing due to school schedules and sport seasons, temporary jobs may be your best bet. These jobs offer short-term employment and some even give you the option to not work for a period of time if your schedule becomes too much. For instance, your services will only be needed while your employer is on vacation, while their regular employee is out of town, or when the weather permits. While these jobs may be temporary, your commitment can’t be; make sure you can complete the job discussed before signing up for any job.

  • House/pet sitting
  • Babysitting
  • Seasonal work

“I need consistent income, but still need time for school.”

If you can handle a job year-round, but still need some flexibility, part-time jobs could be a great fit. By working short shifts and working with your employer to ensure your schedules align, you can find a great opportunity for income. Remember not to push yourself too much by overloading on work hours; you should always make time for school.

  • Dog-walker
  • Nanny
  • Retail stores

“I’m ready to start my career.”

A job is a great place to learn or perfect a skill. Many jobs can easily turn into lifelong careers or to learn a handy skill for the future. There are several jobs teens can get if they have the desire to learn.

  • Auto shops
  • Construction companies
  • Food industry

Does it work for you?

Of course there are many other jobs for teens we didn’t list here. Do your own research on companies, jobs and internships, and possible career skills you may need to help find the best fit for you. Just remember that you are first and foremost a teen and student, so don’t feel the need to overwhelm your schedule.