Money Live

Money Live is a real-life, hands-on simulation designed for high school students (ages 15-18). It will put you in the shoes of your parents as you make choices about housing, food, childcare, insurance, auto buying and much more.

We are currently in the process of scheduling our next Money Live event. Check back for the latest information.

When you register we will send you some pre-work. Come prepared with your pre-work and ready to become someone else. STCU staff will provide you with a profile of your potential life ten years from now. Who will you be? Plumber, teacher, lawyer? Then it’s time to make some choices and to see just how much your choices are going to cost you.

You might appreciate Mom and Dad just a little bit more.

*Money Live is a free event for teens 15-18 years old. It is a two-hour workshop held after school or on the weekend. Dates, times, and locations may vary.