It’s no secret that most teens own a smart phone, but not all of them take advantage of one very valuable application—mobile banking. Your credit union or other financial institution most likely has their own app, and it’s worth checking out. Give these features a try to save both time and money.

1. Check your account balance

Before you buy a new sweatshirt, make sure you have enough money for it in your account. This simple step can save you as much as $38 in overdraft fees. That’s one more sweatshirt you could be buying!

2. Review recent transactions

At the end of every day, look through all your transactions. Make sure you remember paying for each one of the items listed. If you see a charge you don’t recognize, let your financial institution know about it.

3. Transfer funds

Sometimes mom loans you money, and you want to pay her back. Transferring funds to her account from yours is easy to do with the mobile app, and will save you the time of going into a branch to do it.

4. Locate ATMS

Some stores don’t accept credit cards, and if you don’t have cash on hand, you’ll need to go to the closest ATM. Some ATMs charge a service fee to use them, but a mobile app can help you locate a nearby surcharge-fee ATM.

5. Deposit checks

When you babysit the kids next door, their mom or dad usually pays you with a handwritten check. Going into a branch to deposit checks can be a hassle, but mobile apps let you snap a photo with your cell phone camera and deposit the money straight into your account! Depositing checks with a mobile app right when you get them will lessen your chances of losing the check, too.

6. Set up saving goals

Mobile apps let you set up automatic transfers to a savings account. This feature lets you save without actually remembering to do it. You can also use the app to check your savings progress each month and watch the total grow!


STCU members can download the mobile app at the Apple and Google Play app stores.