A hike is a great way to explore.

Spending money is easy. Did you want to see a movie? Pay $10. Do you have plans with your friends for lunch? Bring $7. Are you ready to play the latest video game? That’s $50.

But there’s good news! Plenty of fun activities don’t cost a dime. Here are a few.

Be active

  • Explore: Try a new bike trail or a hike.
  • Compete: Organize a kickball tournament with your friends at the park.
  • Find water: Take advantage of local lakes, rivers, and streams for swimming or skipping rocks.

Try something new

  • Volunteer: Have you wondered what it would be like to own a dog or cat? Spend some time volunteering at an animal shelter, and you’ll not only satisfy your curiosity and learn new skills, but you’ll make your community a better place.

    Volunteering teaches new skills and can be fun!

  • Get creative: Try out a new hobby just by looking through craft supplies you may have at home. Look online for great ways to upcycle old items and tutorials for new techniques.
  • Cook: Look in your cupboards and fridge and see what’s lying around. Try coming up with a new recipe, or put a twist on an old favorite.

Get together

  • Go on a camping trip: The backyard is a wonderful place for a getaway. Pitch a tent, and tell your friends to bring sleeping bags. The best part? Access to indoor plumbing.
  • Movie night: Everyone has a movie they love. Why not share it by having a movie night and watching all your friends’ favorites?
  • Go “shopping”: If your friends have great taste — which of course they do — why not have a shopping spree … in one another’s closets? You can borrow or trade clothes, jewelry, video games, and movies.

It may seem like everything costs money. But there’s plenty of fun to be had that will help keep your money in your savings account.